February 14, 2012

Berry on Barry

I was reading Wendell Berry contra biologist E. O. Wilson, and the following line kind of reminded me of Obama's "compromise": "Like a naive politician, Mr. Wilson thinks he has found a way to reconcile two sides without realizing that his way is one of the sides." Later: "One cannot, in honesty, propose to reconcile Heaven and Earth by denying the existence of Heaven."


Donald McClarey at American Catholic opines:
In regard to the Bishops they did fight hard for the Stupak amendment and they were aghast when it was defeated, but, in general, the Bishops loved the idea of national health care, with a restriction against funding abortions, even with a gang of anti-Catholics like the Obama administration at its helm. What the Obama administration has done in regard to contraceptives and abortifacients was as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. I hope the Bishops have learned a lesson now about the dangers of the Church getting into bed with the Welfare State, but I doubt it. I praise the Bishops for standing up to the Mandate and not being gulled by the “compromise” , but I think most of them still do not grasp that giving this type of power to Caesar inevitably will cause the Church to become a target of that power sooner or later, for modern liberalism is a vastly intolerant secular religion, and where they have the power, modern liberals will use the power of the State to enforce their orthodoxy.

More Wendell Berry:
"People follow religion, he says, because it is 'easier' than empiricism (p. 262), the lab evidently being harder to bear than the cross."

"whatever proposes to invalidate or abolish religion (and this is what consilience pretty openly proposes) is in fact attempting to put itself in religion's place. Science-as-religion is clearly a potent threat to freedom."

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