February 23, 2012

Fasting, Defined Downwardly

Surprised at how effective the "wee fast" yesterday was in getting my attention. I've become so used to nightly beer followed by cereal & protein shake, dietary accoutrements that seem nearly mandatory while much of the developing world just longs for a full meal. It's shocking how little it takes to go without to remind one of how the rest of the world lives and to share, in a infinitesimally microscopic way, a solidarity with them. Two small meals and one normal-sized is a discipline for me, more so now than a few years ago when I used to skip breakfast and have just two meals a day.

One of the things I like about Ash Wednesday and Good Friday is the solidarity of so many Catholics fasting (to a greater or lesser extent). How true the words of Fulton Sheen!: "The fewer sacrifices a man is required to make, the more loath he will be to make those few."

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Fred said...

that's a lovely perspective, to appreciate the solidarity. We all bear the yoke of obedience, whether it commands something that we're already doing or a change. And for this reason, I would not have qualms about eating lobster on a Lenten Friday, especially when I could have steak instead.