February 22, 2012

A Florida City That Never Was

Interesting article about a tiny Florida island:
Deb Johnson, the wife of one of the park workers, stood outside her house on tiny Adams Key gardening on a postcard-ready day. Butterflies and egrets alighted nearby. Her front yard is the Atlantic Ocean. She has one neighbor, a park ranger. She watches the sunrise from her dock every morning and sits mesmerized by lightning storms in the evenings. Residents here need to be hardy, though. Milk and bread are a boat ride away. Winter is perfect. Summer is not.

“I have to wear a bug suit,” she said. It looks like a beekeeper’s suit and it keeps out the mosquitoes that swarm. She cannot leave the house without it during the summer.

“It’s not always paradise,” she said, on a balmy, sunny February morning. “Right now it is.”

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