February 04, 2012


Disappointed but not unduly surprised that the Columbus Dispatch lacked a fair and balanced article on the Komen/Planned Parenthood reversal.

I'm also skeptical of optimists in the blogsophere who think that the reversal really isn't a reversal and that no more new funding will be provided to PP. Even if true, the reversal is damaging on its own - politicians will quake in fear of PP just on the basis of how strong it appeared in making Komen back down so quickly.

In the Dispatch article the pro-Planned Parenthood angle dominated the article - only two paragraphs out of 23 were devoted to those upset over the Komen-Planned Parenthood tie.  And the response from Planned Parenthood didn't include a rebuttal from a right-to-life organization like Ohio Right to Life.

About half of Americans are pro-life, and Planned Parenthood is a major abortion provider, so like it or not this is more controversial than the Dispatch presented it.

More here.

Update:  On second thought, I think one has to pick one's battles, and the real one is the one the bishops are all aligning on: Obama's war on religious freedom. I got bogged down in a distraction, of a charity giving to another "charity", while meanwhile the HHS secretary is telling Catholic hospitals they have to provide abortifacients.


William Luse said...

"I got bogged down in a distraction"

Well, I don't think so, TS. Both are important and not unrelated, one involving a voluntary, and the other a compulsory, capitulation to the Planned Parenthood philosophy of sexual anarchy.

TS said...

It's mostly that I wrote the Dispatch about the Komen thing rather than the more important HHS overreach. I agree both are important though.

MrsDarwin said...

They delivered us the Dispatch by mistake instead of the WSJ, and so I saw their reporting. Made me miss the WSJ even more than I did -- and we missed all the wonderful Saturday review lots, believe me.

TS said...

Some day I may have to go the WSJ route! I love it on those few occasions I find one free in the cafeteria.

William Luse said...

"I wrote the Dispatch"

I didn't know that. Did they publish it?

TS said...

Just sent it Sunday, so we'll see.