February 17, 2012

Three Steps Ahead?

I wonder if Obama pre-thought the whole contraception thing through, knew he would compromise, knew how it would rally liberal women while leaving the Repubs holding the (unpopular) bag of seeming to work against contraception (rather than for religious liberty).

It just seems too neat and clean how he was able to turn defeat into apparent victory seemingly overnight.

Obama's a guy who was able to outplay Bill Clinton, no slouch as far as politics go, by drawing him into saying impolitic things around the time of the SC primary back four years ago. And how Obama survived the Rev. Wright controversy and the Ayers connection and others is beyond me. Sometimes I think all the Republicans are pikers compared to Obama when it comes to politics.


HokiePundit said...

I don't know. I suspect that this is more like a fairly successful walk-back from an anticipated easy victory. I think Obama truly expected this to be seen as no big deal and that the Church would fall in line quickly.

After all, the Catholics he knows give him honorary degrees and already support (or even provide) contraception for their employees. Why would we expect him to know that this is a line he shouldn't have crossed?

TS said...

Could be, although in a sit-down with now Cardinal Dolan, Obama was told ahead of time how big a deal this was by the bishops (and by Biden and others). Maybe figured bishops weren't that big a deal.