March 06, 2012

On Converts

Interesting post from Friar Minor:
It's funny being a con­vert. Some say con­verts make the best Catholics. Oth­ers say that con­verts tend to by annoy­ing and given to rigid­i­ty. For bet­ter or for worse, I share some of the typ­i­cal traits of Catholic con­verts and reverts of my gen­er­a­tion, such as a delight in doc­trine and a cer­tain sort of attach­ment to the prac­tices and behav­iors of the faith, what the older gen­er­a­tion likes to call 'structure.' Like other con­verts and reverts, I have found in this a blessed deliv­er­ance from the ver­ti­go of this world's rel­a­tivism and a refresh­ment from the bore­dom of its hedo­nism. I want to say that I don't make any apolo­gies for this, though that would be a lie. I have made apolo­gies over the years, in my sin and to my shame.

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Roz said...

I like this, too. I''m a revert, and this rings true.