March 05, 2012

Politicians Are So (not) Subtle

One wouldn't think that food stamp application has anything to do with voter registration, but one would be wrong. Ohio's food stamp application doubles as voter registration card.


While we're at it, if contributions to campaigns supporting a school levy should get a tax credit, how about campaigns in opposition?


William Luse said...

Did you see the section "Do I Have to be a Citizen?" Answer: NO. And the one below it - "What other services are available?" It would be interesting to know how much of Ohio citizens' tax dollars go to assistance for non-citizens.

TS said...

I'm just surprised they don't insert a pre-marked Democratic ballot in the application.

William Luse said...

Heh. You have a Republican gov and attorney general, I believe. What's the congressional (state) makeup?

TS said...

We had a Democrat governor until relatively recently. But the Ohio congressional makeup is very Republican, so I don't know how that combo voter application/food stamp application came to be!