May 18, 2012

Babelfish Translation Fun

A Kindle review translated from the original French to Porteguese to English:
An opinion in Frenchman that will exactamente make exactamente different Which pretty instrument of reading only this kindle. Many people m' she said qu' they liked to have feeling of the book between its hands. Good me also, but the content is more important that the container and this kindle allows me to read of l' excellent content. E more j' it adores the format, the functionalities and the possibilities of this device. J' it likes l' to have enters the hands very in such a way how much j' it likes to have a paper book. The dimension of the policy can be chosen. That with a book-paper can be never made. Kindle keeps in memory the page where we return ourselves despite it l' the closed one. Immediately qu' the book confides qu' it was read, returns it the last page deals. The technology has frequent good things to consider and is bĂȘte to close l' spirit to these changes. E the more that salute many trees therefore, c' it is good for l' environment.
Same review from French to German to English:
An opinion on French that will make just now differently which beautiful reading tool only this kindle. Many m' people; said qu' they might have had feeling the book in their hands. Well me also, but contents are more important than the container, and this kindle permits me, from l' to read; outstanding contents. And in addition j' worships the format, the functionality and the possibilities of this equipment. J' like you l' in the hands completely as much as j' to have; may you have a book of paper. One can select the size of the police. One can never make that with a book paper. The kindle keeps the side in memory, where we are returned even if one l' closed A. immediately qu' one opens the qu' book; one read, one returns to the last read side. The technology has often good things which can be suggested, and it is stupid, itself l' to close; Spirit at these changes. And in addition that saves many trees thus, to c' is for l' well; Environment.

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