May 09, 2012

Simplify, Simplify

Where once I carried five books, tennis shoes, towel, shorts and t-shirt in a huge gym bag to work everyday, now I sleekly carry in a Kenneth ("Don't Call me Ken") Cole European shoulder bag all my daily needs.


Simple. The Kindle replaces the books. Weight = .000005 ounce, give or take.

No need for sneakers when I use the elliptical because my work shoes can double as my workout shoes. The durable shoes have lasted three years now.

No need for towel since I workout at the end of the workday.

So now I carry a Kindle, shorts and a T-shirt and I'm all set. Total weight on shoulder = -.5 ounces.


William Luse said...

That bag is what my wife calls a man-purse. As long as she calls it that, I can't bring myself to carry one. I lug a briefcase.

TS said...

Yeah my wife got me that "murse", which I always refer to as the European shoulder bag since I ain't no metrosexual, I hope.

William Luse said...

Of course you ain't. Your wife knows a real suburbosexual when she sees one.

TS said...

`Well if I ever get a manicure, just shoot me.