June 20, 2012

Obama Plays Clinton

Feel the same sort of dismay at Obama's latest gambit as I did in the bad ol' good ol' days of the Clinton administration. Clinton used to engineer these fantastical feats of political jiujitsu, enabling him to escape any politically dire situation including his own impeachment (at least impeachment in the only form that matters, i.e. removal from office). Wild Bill had a field day getting himself into and out of scrapes, and he had that utterly shameless gene in him that makes for many a successful pol. And now Obama took a page out of Clinton's book with a "look what I found rebound" executive order basically ordering Hispanics to vote for him. Obama has that shamelessness too.

It's not really in the liberty-loving Republican gene to kneel before the king, but in this case the kingmaker, at least, are the Hispanics. Republicans, like it or not, have to wake up and smell the Mexican and Central American coffee. You have to pick your battles and I'm not sure illegal immigration is a good one to pick. I loathe ethnic group politics as much as the next dude but sometimes you have to cave in the interest of the greater goal. Don't cave on social issues, or the deficit, but immigration seems, well...caveable.

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