July 31, 2012

Jeremiah & Prayer

Have been reading the "backstories" of those Old Testament prophets like Jeremiah and Amos via the books about the Bible. The prophets always seem so...negative. And yet I can't quite believe that their "negativity" wouldn't equally apply to today's world, as bad as things are spiritually-speaking, and of course to me. But what really melted my heart was reading about how Jeremiah was quite a peace-loving, confrontation-avoiding soul, one who merely obeyed God. He seemed prone to depressions and certainly suffered greatly for his unpopular message. One sees a lot of similarities between him and Christ, and how really the harsh words of Christ or the prophets are done at great personal cost, how the message must be important enough to warrant that sort of suffering. It makes it easier to hear news (in the form of,"straighten up and fly right!") from someone who really doesn't want to be telling you, or who will suffer on account of it but is willing to suffer because they feel the message is so important for your own spiritual welfare. There's also a small sense of consolation in the mere fact of God-sent prophets in that when things get bad God will tell you so. There are warnings, in other words.


The pastor at our Byzantine church said the greater miracle than the gospel about Jesus walking on water was what happened just before - Jesus went off by himself to pray. It is the fact that we humans can be in communion with God through prayer which is the true miracle. That we have a intimate relationship with the Creator of all! Amazing indeed.

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