August 21, 2012

Dispatches from the Lake Cave

Mancave-away-from-mancave: Lake Turtle, I'll call it, one of the small lakes at a local park, where I deposed a shiny turtle for log ruling privileges. Here I can write, listen to music, read thousands of books on the Kindle, smoke a cigar and drink a beer. (The question being: how many of these activities can I do without risking falling into the drink, i.e. the lake, and thus despoiling my iPad & Kindle, etc?? Well I suppose I'll find out. No risk, no reward as they say.)

Started out by finding wondrous new trails. Ran about 3.5 miles, a modern day record, or at least over the past year, whichever is shorter.

Now sitting in the shade with the iPad on my lap. Schweet. What a scene. Feel almost deserving given the stressful workweek last week. "Work hard / pray hard" goes the t-shirt but I think "Play hard" should round out that trifecta.

Alas, sometimes I find myself wondering not so much, "WWJD?" but "WWIBDAHH?", standing for "What would I be doing at Hilton Head?". Apparently I think the Hilton Head week is the gold standard of leisure activity, as well I might. The short answer is always: "I'd be at the beach," which, of course, is not perfectly transferable to landlocked Ohio. But this seems the next best thing.

Perfectly designed boat allows me to put my feet up and rest my head back. Wowsa. It keeps getting better. Truly who needs a yacht or house boat when you can buy a $350 kayak and enjoy a lake fifteen minutes from your house? I can even type without looking, my head resting flat looking up at the blue sky and puffy clouds. As offices go, this would be a good one. Why have a book room when you can have a lake room? (Of course in a few short months this will be stripped from me and the book room will re-ascend in value).

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"I deposed a shiny turtle for log ruling privileges"