August 02, 2012

From WSJ

Poetry on the fly in the Wall Street Journal inspired by the Olympics. (via Dylan).

The Gymnast

For Gabby, Kyla, Jordyn, McKayla, Aly

Years from now,

having lost the shape

of a hard-tutored body,

you will explain to those

who ask why your feet

bear the scars of the wounded,

you will say, “See these feet

are dancer’s feet—they are

the brutality of grace,

the ugliness of flight;

they remind us of the earth,

how it holds us to itself,

punishing us for leaping

like we do.” And at

every twinge in the knee

at each stair taken,

you will remember

the clamor of cheers

filling the arena,

with you at the center,

nimble, feet planted,

muscles pulsing

waiting for you to leap

again, and fly, fly, fly.

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