September 11, 2012

Blog Stars and Other Shiny Subjects

The sky is a painterly indigo with the branches of shadow-hue'd trees dominating the scene. The air smells good, an autumnal scent, and I relish this space of fallish summer or summerish fall. The colors of the two season bleed together like yellow and blue into a fulsome green and into perhaps the best of both seasons, when entwined like lovers.

I have a striking quench for a third beer. The first went slowly and almost reluctantly while the second, by contrast, took me by surprise with its zip and pep. The ol' Sierra Nevada Pale is one that never loses its appeal. It's a go to beer.

My mind goes back, in this black summer eve, to that book that I never finished, the one by a poet detailing all the facts and figures about the nighttime. I might have to check that out again.

* <- Asterisk take me, high upon a hillside, high up where the stallion meets the sun.

Two of the hottest stars in bloggerdom are apparently Jennifer Fuliwer of "Conversion Diary" and Brandon Field of a blog whose name escapes me despite frequently reading. It's interesting to see how blogs have evolved, and there's a lot in common between these two stars: both are unfailingly positive and never blog about controversial or thorny moral or theological issues. They're not into controversy, which is sort of the way old time rock & roll bloggers made their bread and butter.

Brandon and Jennifer also put A LOT of pictures of themselves on their respective blogs. Pictures of themselves with other people, but still, they're not retiring violets when it comes to posting their smiling faces. It's so interesting in part because in the old days people hardly ever posted their picture on their blogs. Sometimes, yes, but it seems like blog evolution is making them even more personal, more pictorial.

Brandon, confirmed Catholic junkie that he is, traveled to Central Illinois for Bishop Sheen's veneration mass. Impressive. You don't get to central Illinois by accident. And he posted an entry prominently featuring the song "Lift High the Cross", which was sang at the mass, and how that was appropriate. Inspiring the post was, and I felt the gleam of spiritual ambition.


Went through my voluminous blog feeds today, to the dismay of my novel (who wants to be read). Too many mouths to feed, I tell it. One interesting read was a Protestant blogger, a biblical scholar-type, who is a Wesleyan who makes the argument that they are pretty close to Catholics. He's reading our Catechism and saying where he disagrees and where he agrees. Obviously he's not big on the Pope being singled out as having any authority. I often recall Bishop Sheen's comment that first they (the devil and secular types) attacked the Church, then the Scriptures, and it does seem to have followed in that order, understandably. As a strategy it's been pretty effective unfortunately.


The thought occurred to me while running today that libertarians wouldn't be doing the poor any favors by legalizing drugs. It would eliminate the black market, the underground economy that I suspect keeps the poor flush with big screen tvs, smart phones and all the like (items that many have, as a social worker recently told me). Govmint income statistics don't measure the underground economy, which no doubt is a HUGE industry and, conveniently, tax free. If all drugs were legalized and available via a pharmacy, drug prices would crash and dealers would be out of business.


Got a little rivulet of pleasure over seeing someone post a video of themselves opening the latest basic Kindle (the cheapest version). All the dopamine dumping with none of the buyer's remorse or wallet hurtage. The new one is sharper with more contrast but I don't think I like the black casing. I like my distinguished grey molding.

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