September 26, 2012

Citizens United Case & Money in Politics

The MSM is outraged over money in politics and I suspect part of that is because it erodes their role. They don't want candidates going around their vetting process, running ads instead of talking to them. Media types naturally want as much power as they can get, pretty much like everybody else.

There are those on the political right and left who make George Soros or the Koch brothers out to be bogeymen. I don't do that, but I do tend to sometimes arrogantly question the "premise of democracy", as explicated by Antonin Scalia. He told Brian Lamb in response to a question concerning fear of money in politics and consequent undue influence:
"If you believe that we ought to go back to monarchy. That the people are such sheep, that they just swallow whatever they see on television or read in the newspapers. No, the premise of democracy is that people are intelligent and can discern the true from the false, at least when, as the campaign laws require, you know who is speaking."


William Luse said...

Why are you arrogant to question it? "...that people are intelligent and can discern the true from the false" must then have been the cause of Obama's election. Stay arrogant.

TS said...

I do get cognitive dissonance trying to see how one can trust democracy when we get someone like Obama in office.