September 01, 2012

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Cheered by a stereotype-defying visitor.  Late teens, maybe 21 max. Four or five silver doodads embedded in various spots in her face.  Carrying a clipboard.  Wants money for a liberal cause, I think.  Asks if our dog (who is barking) would bite and I said "I don't think so." She's taken aback, naturally (and literally) by that. Fortunately he didn't bite her. Wouldn't have made for a happy ending. 

Instead of soliciting funds to save the climate or generate wind power (beyond what is already produced in the form of tremendous hot air from the POTUS), she's asking for donations for soldiers, care packages for those at risk for suicide.  She asked if I kept up with the news and I said yes and she mentioned all the suicides among soldiers and lamentably I told her I was aware of that. Perhaps somewhat patronizingly I told her I was impressed with her, surprised that she was doing this for such a good cause.  By virtue of reductionist demographics, I'm supposed to be conservative and she liberal. If liberal, she's not supposed to care about soldiers now that her guy's in office. But whatever her politics, here's something every American can support. 

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William Luse said...

sometimes appearances are deceiving. Quite refreshing when it happens.