September 19, 2012

Political Thoughts

If Obama could survive his "clinging to guns and religion" comment, seems Romney could survive his 47% comment.

Obama insulted all gun owners and believers in religion, which is certainly more than 47% of the country. 

For all the angst over the loss of presidential elections to Clinton and Obama, at least the Republicans are nominating reasonably competitive candidates.  I know close only counts in horseshoes, but Bill Clinton famously never got to 50% and although Obama won handily in '08 it wasn't a romp. I believe he only got 53% of the vote.

Tom of Disputations, by the way, once said something along the lines that it's hard to expect much of a Church that baptizes infants. Similarly it's hard to expect much of an electorate with a similar low barrier to entry.

They say that McCain would've won if he'd had Reagan's demographics, which suggests the real problem may be not attracting minorities and Hispanics in great enough numbers. But sometimes you just can't - witness Boston after the influx of Irish and New York after the age of the Knickerbockers. I don't think there was anything a Boston non-Democrat in 1880 could've done to attract Irish votes. 

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Thomas D said...

The surest sign a voter
Is a hopeless dunce:
He'd give Captain Avanti
Forty-eight more months.

Romney may survive his 47% comment, but not if the media types have anything to say about it.