September 14, 2012

You Never Forget Your First (Or Even Third) Free Book

Ten and a half years of blogging has not gone unrewarded - I was just offered my third free book. I snagged a review copy of "Vatican II: The Essential Texts" though the book feels slightly tainted by the introduction by infamous Catholic liberal James Carrol, but that is mitigated by another intro from Pope Benedict (hopefully there's no conflation going on there). Anyway it 's good to have the documents of Vatican II in this handsomely designed book.


Tom said...

I heard part of a hilarious interview with James Carroll by Greg Willits, who had no idea how to follow up when Carroll said "the Vatican II Church" taught open Communion. I don't think Greg had heard of Constantine's Sword.

TS said...

Ah the sweet innocence of those (if only somewhat) oblivious to the sharp divisions in the Church.