October 23, 2012

State of the Weather Address

Honored guests, pilgrims, and fellow Americans, today I deliver this State of the Weather address and must report that the weather is fantastical. Sunny and warm this afternoon with temps up to 75, 76 degrees. Perhaps not freakishly warm given that the average high for this day in Rocktober Columbus is 65 degrees and I'm not sure ten degrees constitutes "freakishly high" any more than a high of 55 degrees would be "freakishly low". Especially since we've had both in recent days.

To borrow from Calvin Coolidge, who when asked what the market will do he replied, "it will fluctuate" we can attest that our weather will fluctuate. The record is 83 for this day and so perhaps we could only count 80+ degree days in late October as properly freakish.


What's left of the wizened leaves of the maple out back look precarious on the half-dressed limbs. There's a nerdish part of me that longs to record the date the leaves turn and when they fall each year. Just as it somehow feels important to note, say, September 24th was the last day we saw a hummingbird at the feeder.

The sky is wide as the ocean and just as panoramic. If the sky were only seen in certain locations there would be sky-high prices for those pieces of land. We don't appreciate what we have. We may not have an ocean in sight but each day the sky is free and we're given a view tumblr can't approach. To be outside is to be in wonder, and to experience the truly immersive experience.

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