October 05, 2012

The Debate

Good column here:
The AP report on reactions to Lehrer’s “moderation” was brutal. The bipartisan consensus seems to be that Lehrer totally lost control of the debate. The use of the verb “control” is revealing: Since Obama declared his candidacy for president in 2007, his biography and message and agenda and record have been remarkably “controlled,” moderated, and protected by a pliant media.

This was the first debate in Obama’s career in which he was pitted against a viable and competitive and confrontational Republican... Lehrer, intentionally or not, upended the dynamic of the campaign by ceding “control” of the debate to the candidates. Obama was vulnerable and exposed.

Sad that a journalist of Lehrer’s talents and experience could be so insouciantly dismissed because he failed to protect the image and prerogatives of a failed president. Sad, but also telling. The wolf pack that is the contemporary liberal media is so reckless and slavish in its devotion to liberalism that it will turn on a moment’s notice against every alpha and beta and omega that strays.


bill bannon said...

Lehrer is the future: all of working past the age of efficacy. Stay fair though. The Catholic world is beatifying Romney because Obama is awful. Lehrer failed also to stop the used car salesmen techniques of Romney. Romney said he'll create 12 million jobs. Everyone on Wall St. knows that Moody's Analytics has projected 12 million jobs in the coming years created organically by the economy regardless of who wins the election. Romney said he would increase medicaid by inflation plus 1%. Neither Obama nor Lehrer questioned him on the fact that that is a cut in medicaid because medical inflation is projected at 7.5% in 2013. That's why Bloomberg and others have Romney cutting billions in the next ten years. Obama knew this but seemed preoccupied. Lehrer....who knew if he even knew it.
The current choice is awful because both men will cause abortions....one by laws, the other by medicaid cuts ( it currently funds 37% of all US births). Vote Romney Ryan and hold your nose. Watch the Ryan debate, he'll elude all questions on whether he will cut the child tax credit and the mortgage interest deduction.
He did such eluding with conservative interviewers...Larry Kudlow ( who helped him elude) and with Chris Wallace of Fox ( who didn't help Ryan).

TS said...

Ha, true about the Lehrer being the future. And very interesting about Medicaid funding 37% of all births. Wow. Didn't know that.

I'm not sure "cutting the rate of increase" should be considered a "cut" though. It's sort of like me saying, "I expect an average salary increase of 3% a year, so if my employer gives me 2% this year then I received a cut in pay." No one says that about their own salary so I'm not sure why people want to use that methodology for government costs except in the service of facilitating greater government spending. "Projected increases" can be self-fulfilling. The fact that we have a lot of medical care subsidized by government and employers seems partially why medical inflation is out of control.

No way the child tax credit or mort int deduction (except possibly for millionaires) gets cut if Romney wins. Even the tea parties caved when the debt ceiling came to a vote. The middle class is where the votes are, which is why middle class programs (SS and Medicare) are bankrupting us. Politicians are nothing if not dedicated to keeping themselves in their jobs and voting against middle class entitlements or tax credits is a death sentence.

bill bannon said...

Medicaid variations though unlike your salary could mean lower income females aborting as they are cut off as the upper bandwidth of income changes. I believe Romney Ryan will cause many abortions by their medicaid cuts but Obama is still worse in the long run because 4 Supreme Court judges might be appointed by a reelected Obama who like his wife is missing huge chunks of a truly moral makeup on abortion, partial birth abortion and gay marriage. Could he find Supreme Court candidates as vacuous as he himself? I don't know. But it is the oddest election I can remember.