November 19, 2012

Rantasaurus Rex

I'm fascinated that we refuse to learn from history. Or heed a siren call.

Before 1993, the Republican party was reasonably popular in California, of all places. But around '93 the Republicans in that bellwether state decided to be hardline on immigration policies. If not actually anti-immigrant, close enough for government work.

And what was the result?

The end of the Republican party in California. For a generation and counting.

The more I think about it the more pissed I get that Republican candidates are so lousy on immigration policy as well as on health care. Self-inflicted wounds are the worst kind. Of course the Dems are horrible on both issues, but I expect more from the Republican party. Maybe the problem is that the "conservative" party wants to "conserve" a broken immigration system and a broken health care system. The old think tanks like the Heritage Foundation either suck, or their ideas aren't making it down to the candidates.

It's one thing to be a party bent on making government smaller and taxes less. It's another thing to refuse to do anything but that -- to be completely insensate to problems not related to taxes. It's pretty bad when even the National Review knocks the party for failing to come up with many quality ideas on keeping health insurance affordable. I almost feel like the Republicans deserve being in the political wilderness simply for being uninterested in solving any problem but high taxes.

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