March 16, 2013

Good Clean Fun I Suppose

So the whole floor was boppin' over it being National Pi Day the other day. Much overkill if you ask me although I could be a spoilsport. There was loads of sugar-laden treats and someone went to the enormous trouble of printing off about the first two or three hundred numbers to the left of the decimal point of the famous value. A banner of hundreds of 8 ½ by 11 sheets displaying parts the number were posted to the cube walls lining the floor. It seemed to shout: “someone has way too much time on their hands.” There were “Pi” t-shirts on sale and many were wearing them. The fuss seems altogether a bit much although it may be simply that I'm unimpressed by virtue of being in the shadow of a much larger event, that of the papal news.


Kevin Hammer said...

Hmmmm, could there be HR Dept. involvement? Often they seem to have the time, resources and clever morale-boosting ideas.

TS said...

Doesn't seem so in this case. Appears to be the inspiration of a gal who just loves pi.