April 05, 2013

Call Me a Cynic But....(but not late for happy hour)

Sometimes I wonder if romanticism is a contrary indicator for length of marriage. Sentiment tends to breed self-pity in my experience, and self-pity tends towards a refusal to take responsibility. So in the interest of empirical science (ha) I googled "most romantic ballads" and looked at the writers of those ten. Of course 99% of folks involved in music, especially rock, are likely to be divorced but....
"Close to You" - Burt Bacharach (married multiple times)
"When a Man Loves a Woman" - Percy Sledge, has been married 33 years now but reportedly to his second wife
"I Want to Know What Love Is" by Mick Jones (Foreigner) - divorced
"Everything I Do" by Bryan Adams - has kids, but never married
"Thank You" by Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, divorced
"Still Loving You" by Scorpions Rudolf Schenker divorced
“You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker, written by Dennis Wilson, divorced
"Take My Breath Away", Berlin, Giorgio Moroder, got married only 12 years ago, at 50
"Faithfully" by Journey: Written by Jonathan Cain, divorced
"Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, divorced


Ellyn said...

I think you nailed it in the first line!!

TS said...

Thanks Ellyn. I would bet that the average marriage length of scientists would exceed that of poets.