May 30, 2013

From the Man Journal, as Lino Rulli Calls It

My Wife Likes Flowers

I guess as close as I come nowadays to being a kid at Christmas is when I just get home from work and it's early summer and the temperature is a decent golf score (low 80s)… I feel downright giddy, the golden light, the promise of time spread before us. It's as beautiful as it ever gets: low humidity, high sun, embracing temps, nice breeze. There's a quality of light now that is almost New Mexican and the plants around the back patio have exploded in simultaneous blooms like a fireworks' grand finale.

I relished this time and was not prepared to spend it sedentarily with a book and so I (gasp) willingly threw myself into mulching the front beds and then worked on replacing our old mailbox, destroyed by a car running into it (presumably) the night before last. Real nice that a neighbor probably did it and didn't own up to it. Likely the child of a neighbor but still… Definitely an unwarranted expense. I feel a bit of schadenfreude that some violence was surely wrecked on the car since our mailbox flew ten to fifteen feet and the cedar pole was nearly split in half. Doesn't seem like a baseball bat would do that, a favorite prank of high-schoolers.

One neighbor happened by and said from his car window, “I didn't do it! Twenty years ago I was drunk and ran into it, but not this time.” Ha.

So we found that the sleeve of the new metallic mailbox was exactly the same size width-wise as the stump of the old mailbox, which meant it wouldn't fit over it. So I used an axed away 10% or so until the new would fit over the old. Pleasant enough work on a beautiful early eve and the smell of the split cedar was nearly intoxicating.

Tomorrow the rains and clouds are reported to enter, so it looks like this paradiso is short-lived at least in the short-run.


Explored the Folio Society website and found within me a sudden longing for deluxe, finely-bound books. Imagine that; advertising works. I was put off by the prices of those finely-bound books however, but then wandered about and found many good books in very good condition at much more palatable prices. I can have my cake and Edith too sort of thing. It occurred to me that the one book I would most like in a fine edition is Moby-Dick since I have only a worn paperback. I eventually came across the Ignatius Press Critical Edition and of course I must have that, at least on Kindle. And now I hear there's a book on the craft beer phenomenon titled The Audacity of Hops… so my bibliomania is in overdrive of late.


Night falls. Way too soon. Still pleasingly warm at 9:27 pm.

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