July 28, 2013

Getting Around a Site's Feed Settings: a Bleg

Is "bleg" even used anymore or am I hopelessly dating myself?

Often - like on vacations or while working out - I like to read RSS feeds while offline.  Thanks to a tip from Jennifer of Conversion Diary, I am really, really enjoying Feedly in place of Google Reader.

The problem being, alas, many sites only do partial feeds in order to drive traffic to their website, which makes reading RSS offline pretty much of a waste and a tease.

I wonder if there is an application out there that pre-downloads the full posts for offline reading purposes.  That would be pretty slick, to save all your feed URLS and the posts behind them.  Probably asking a bit much of a brower or app. I know I could go through my feeds while online and save them for later, but that's obviously a cumbersome process.


Jeff Miller said...

Can't think of a simple way to automate this.

What I do is kind of triage. I go through my feeds and larger articles I want to read I save to a service like Pocket or Instapaper. These services are free and Pocket has free apps for mobile os's.

The advantage of pocket or other services is that once downloaded you can read offline plus the ads are stripped and you pretty much just see the text and can control font size. Plus it gives you an archive which you can tag.

TS said...

Thanks Jeff, I know you'd know if a solution existed and/or the presence of a work around!