August 23, 2013

Beatific Vision

They say the Beatific vision of God in Heaven will overwhelm us such that we won't be too interested in meeting, say, our departed dog (should dogs be in Heaven, which I believe they will since God doesn't create only to destroy). I “get this” certainly. I suppose it's like if you fall in love with a girl, head over heels, you think about her all the time rather than, say, your cat. And love for God in Heaven makes earthly love look like nothing.

So granted it's possible that we'll be swept up in the beatific vision. But what that doesn't explain is how God isn't similarly imbued. He's not so wrapped up in Himself or in the other persons of the Trinity that he's not interested in counting the “hairs on our head” or notes when a sparrow falls. We're not God, obviously, but I can't help but think that we'll be more like Him in Heaven that we are now and so surely we'll appreciate the New Heaven and Earth that Scripture says will be created.

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