August 27, 2013

Sometimes You Get Lucky

I received the following email from a right-to-life organization and it reminds me that sometimes you DON'T get the government you deserve, sometimes you get a little bit better.  And I think Gov. Kasich is better than Ohioans deserve given our mottled voting record. "Simply put, Governor John Kasich has exceeded pro-life expectations."  It's time pro-lifers recognize a job well done.
Governor Kasich is compassionate toward the needs of Ohio families
Governor Kasich is focused on bettering the quality of life for families. To ensure that all Ohioans receive exceptional care, Mr. Kasich authorized the implementation of insurance coverage for families with autistic children.  Furthermore, he established a task force to provide employment for the disabled and directed funds to benefit research and care for drug-addicted infants.  Our Governor provided much needed resources to Ohio's food banks to help fight hunger.  He is also leading the effort to combat human trafficking in Ohio by establishing a statewide task force to identify real solutions for government to advance.  Finally, John Kasich created a unique to Ohio and first of its kind mental health intervention program to aid and assist children with violent tendencies.   

Governor Kasich is compassionate toward the educational needs of Ohio's children 

On the educational front, our governor has been revolutionary in his initiatives to meet the 21st century educational needs of Ohio's children. Through budget initiatives that expanded school choice and provided vouchers and scholarships for low-income families, Kasich has sought to ensure that children, regardless of family income, receive a high caliber education.

Governor Kasich is compassionately pro-life            

Simply put, Governor John Kasich has exceeded pro-life expectations. Kasich has demonstrated his concern for women's health and the unborn by supporting a record number of pro-life initiatives. Most notably, Mr. Kasich signed and made effective the late-term abortion  ban in July of 2011. No longer in Ohio will babies who are eight or nine months in utero be at risk of dying via abortion. Most recently, Governor Kasich signed five pro-life initiatives, which will protect pro-life taxpayer dollars, defund Planned Parenthood, and provide resources to our pregnancy centers. 

With such a strong and consistent track record of pro-life and pro-family legislation, we must ask ourselves, "Who has done more to aid the families of Ohio than John Kasich?" We proudly laud this remarkable servant leader and thank him for all he has done and continues to do for our Buckeye State. 

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