August 15, 2013

There Oughta Be a Book....

Read this in a book about Cardinal Bergoglio: 
 ....former president of Uruguay, Julio María Sanguinetti, in which he states, “Someone once said that countries could be classified into four categories: first, the developed countries; next, the underdeveloped countries; third, Japan, whose development cannot be explained; and finally, Argentina, whose underdevelopment cannot be explained.”
And it makes me want to read a book that likely hasn't been written, a book giving us the inside scoop on countries of the world.  Not the sort of cold hard facts of the CIA World Factbook, but national reputations, gossip, juicy stuff, the kind of stuff you know the world leaders know and revel in.


Terrence Berres said...

Not a book, but The Economist aspires to that role.

TS said...

Hmmm might have to check that out more often.