September 25, 2013

CBS Experimental

I've been watching the CBS News nightly newscast successfully for a couple weeks without vomiting. The gentle patronization of the telecast is mostly inoffensive; Scott Pelley acts as though he's explaining things to the senile (which, no doubt, half his audience is). A lot of it is dumbshow, and you could easily turn off the sound and still get the gist of the message on domestic stories that Republicans are obstructionists thwarting the good and noble Democrats.

One sharp difference between the Sunday shows and the nightly news is that the Sunday shows assume you're in-the-know and seem targeted at the newsmakers themselves, while the nightly newscasts are directed to the masses, who presumably require a lot of direction. Sunday shows are like a hot, peppery sauce while nightly newscasts are a pabulum-ish comfort food.

The condescension is generally endearing since the propagandistic ardor shows they care, but Monday night's valentine to Hillary Clinton combined with an Obamacare commercial was a bit too sickly sweet for my taste. Norah O'Donnell's on-screen drool over Bill Clinton wasn't particularly appealing either; she reminded me of that gal who gazed longingly at George Stephanapoulous in the cult documentary “The War Room”. There's a cumulative effect at work; it's starting to wear thin.

The production values, camera work and flow are all top notch, but I've learned the best part of the CBS News is a Friday segment called “On the Road”. Too bad it's only a few minutes long. Maybe I'll try ABC for a week.

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