September 25, 2013

Reno on Pope Francis

But Pope Francis has been undisciplined in his rhetoric, casually using standard modern formulations, ones that are used to beat up on faithful Catholics—“audacity and courage” means those who question Church teachings, the juxtaposition of the “small-minded” traditionalists to the brave and open liberals who are “in dialogue”, and so forth. This gives everything he says progressive connotations. As a consequence, American readers, and perhaps European ones as well, intuitively read a progressivism into Pope Francis’ statements about abortion, gay marriage, and contraception. Thus the headlines.
I tend to see it as Pope Francis being hard on those within the Church and easy on those outside her, which is sort of the way Christ was - very tough on the Jewish insiders of the time while very warm and consoling to sinners and tax collectors.

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Tom said...

"Undisciplined" is a handler's word. Handlers will not fare well in this papacy.