October 31, 2013

Trucker Studies

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Warning: Driving a truck for a living can be hazardous to your health — if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, researchers say....

They had a hunch that truck drivers might be vulnerable, because previous studies had suggested that long-term exposure to the kind of “whole-body vibration” endured by men working with heavy equipment could increase prostate-cancer risk.

It’s unclear why this would be, but one possibility is that the vibration prompts the body to produce more testosterone, which is a known risk factor for prostate cancer.
Now I don't know nuthin' about truckin' or prostrate cancer, but what I always wonder about with studies like these is whether they take into account that there's some self-selection going on, that likely men with higher testosterone levels go into trucking or other heavy equipment work.

Surely - surely! - they've thought of that but they don't mention it in the article which is another reason to be skeptical. Or are they not allowed to think that because that would be "politically incorrect" for reasons unclear?

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