November 05, 2013

Liberal Folly

Pluperfect liberal mindset displayed by Zeke Emmanuel on  Fox News Sunday: "gov't didn't cancel policies, companies did!"  High-laire that he could miss that government action triggers responses.

That seems sort of the Original Sin of liberalism, the failure to anticipate that private entities will change arrangements in the face of government intervention. Just ask the Soviet Union how all their "Five Year Plans" went...

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Tom said...

I know someone who, at the height of the Occupy business, worked out how much the richest 1% of Americans are worth, took some percentage of that, and concluded that there was enough wealth to -- I don't know, pay off the national debt or whatever it was.

He hadn't gotten as far as to figure out how to stop the richest 1% of Americans from becoming the richest 1% of ex-pats long before any such [not self-evidently constitutional] law would go into effect.