August 19, 2014

The World Is That Woman Now

Have you ever known anybody who had no internal filter, who would simply say the first thing that came to her head without stopping to think about how it would be perceived by others?  The world is that woman now, that person who says whatever she has to say, right from the heart, no filters, buddy.  - Bill James
Ain't that the truth.  And, like most things, it has a positive side and a negative one.

One of the reasons I think blogs took off in the '90s was this 'blogesty' was a new-found niche. Too many examples to mention, but look at what Zippy Catholic recently opined on concerning the treatment of depression. This is something you would absolutely never read anywhere else:
For someone who is depressed but doesn’t need immediate hospitalization, alcohol is a more effective and safer pharmacological treatment than antidepressants, if a drug is really necessary. It is better to avoid psychotropic remedies entirely; but if you are going to go there, at least do something that is a known quantity with a track record and a properly balanced social infrastructure.

Alcohol is something about which we have plentiful independent information: it isn’t caught in the vortex of economically motivated disinformation that David Healy exposes in Pharmageddon. Because its long term heavy use carries enough social stigma there is still some incentive not to get trapped in a situation of physical dependency, or to get out of one if you find yourself there. Nobody is going to stage an intervention to help you kick the SSRIs, but alcohol comes with some built in social mechanisms to help. Alcohol is quite effective at helping a person feel better in the short term, probably more effective than SSRIs; and it doesn’t come pre-packaged with a credentialed doctor who will hold you hostage to the prescription pad on the one side, and lecture you to keep drinking and not ‘go off your meds’ when you get to the point where the benefits are outweighed by detriments on the other. And nothing prevents you from having a qualified physician monitor your alcohol use.

So my advice to most people is that it is far safer to take up drinking than it is to see a psychiatrist, if you simply have to have a pharmacological remedy.
In a time where freedom is increasingly circumscribed by fear of lawsuit among mainstream media outlets, you have to love that. I admit to a jejune appreciation of boldness like that, wherever the truth may lie.

Sirius XM radio host Lino Rulli has that “blogesty” thing going on even though he's not a blogger. He'll say what's on his mind, candor-full as the day is long. Yesterday he said watching Pope Francis in South Korea was like "seeing two different Pope Francis's: one, lively and happy with the crowds. The other looking depressed as he said Mass."

Lino says most of all this pope is not an actor, calling him amazingly authentic in that he can't force a smile to save his life. This pope is surely the pope of our era?

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