October 23, 2014

Lead Me Chat

So this afternoon our company had an online "leader chat" , a post-meeting interactive session concerning the happiness speaker (as mentioned on this blog!). I commented, hopefully anonymously (because later I learned our VP was in the room with head honcho Eric). I said basically that choosing the optimist over the competent when you can't get both (as was asserted by Mr. Happy, er, the speaker) seems like what we tend to do electing presidents in recent years. Obama, Bush and Clinton all seemed like optimistic, likable fellows you'd want to have a beer with. Unfortunately they were impressively incompetent. See health care (Obama), Iraq (Bush), and allowing bin Laden/Al Qaeda to flourish (Clinton). Give me competency or give me death!

(Aside: Who were competent presidents in recent years? Reagan. Bush the Elder.)

Eric didn't answer the query, of course, it being way too opinionated, negative, and political. A pluperfect trifecta of reasons not to answer. Leader chats are intended as substance-free cheerleading sessions with astute comments like, "I'm fired up about engagement and our new 2020 vision for creating value!" and "What can you tell us about synergizing the eschaton?"

But I'd kind of wish now I'd written something like, "I truly see the value in positive thinking, but wonder how far before that becomes a sort of Stepford mentality?"


Gregg the Obscure said...

Last week I was subjected to some very bad attempts at meeting entertainment. One fellow included copious vacation photos and stories in an effort to illustrate the 'great journey' that a trade assocation had made over the past dozen or so years. He included a long digression about grocery stores being a real highlight of a trip to the UK - and the meeting was neither about the UK nor groceries. I appreciate trying to lighten up a dry topic, but there ought to be some limits.

TS said...

Ha, yes there ought to be limits. James Lileks writes that "studies show that no one really wants to hear about your vacation." (Something I violate on this blog, but then it's not a meeting where folks are forced to read it.) Funny report from Lileks though: