January 09, 2015

Pope Francis & Mullarkey

I used to find First Things blogger Maureen Mullarkey worth reading, but lately she's been shrill, seeming to have a sort of Catholic Hierarchy Derangement Syndrome -- particularly with respect to Pope Francis and Cardinal Dolan.

She writes of Francis: "Megalomania sends him galloping into geopolitical thickets, sacralizing politics and bending theology to premature, intemperate policy endorsements."

And the same day I saw that, I read the thought of the day from Pope Francis as if in response:
Christians should be the first (and often we are not!) in rejecting the hasty identification of maturity with adaptation. Jesus, no less, was considered by many people of his time the paradigm of the maladjusted and, therefore, the immature.
By the way, R. Reno has responds to criticisms of Mullarkey here.

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