January 30, 2015

Turn Your Tweets to "Poetry"

....Via the magic of http://poetweet.com.br/?lang=en:
Understands 5%
by TS O'Rama

Due to its religious content.
Should be split into 3 countries.
"Homesick for the Present"
Been hacked by intolerant lefties.
Thanks to '51 iconic recording.
Aires | Catholic World Report
No matter the song she's singing.
More than a week."-Guy Davenport
Funny line from Henry Dieterich
Even better in the original German.
Too soon, making her lazy if rich
True causes of Irish famine:
Effective (in some quarters).
The Sistine stays in the Sistine.
Work overtime
by TS O'Rama

Or Jeb Bush. I like Rand Paul.
Away from my months-old open one.
And is playing for the long haul.
It's what's supposed to be done!

Praised in Wall Street Journal.
Hasn't studied crime demographics.
It's that Vietnamese cardinal?
National Characteristics

The perception that he is humble.
The reference is too obscure.
The higher education scam/bubble:

Aires - Catholic World Report
Effective (in some quarters).
More than a week, Guy Davenport

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