March 09, 2015

Naivety Happens

Every once in awhile I stump across a jaw-dropping, alternative-universe level of naivety that makes me despair for the American experiment. And here is today's offering, from the Alaska Dispatch News:

Obama receptive to exchange idea

Just got a letter today from the President of the United States. Although I disagree with some of his policies, he seems willing to listen, and communicate with his country.

Seems he likes my idea of building a closer-knit community among us, by have a program similar to foreign exchange students, only within the borders of our own country.

It would be a school-run program, with students receiving credits for learning about a different race, religion, or creed, by going to live with a family of different belief systems. For instance, a city kid might go to a Native family, and learn about dog sledding or hunting.

A Jewish kid might go to a Muslim family, and learn about their religion. A Christian kid might go to a pagan household, and so forth.

I presented this idea, twice, to Alaska Dispatch News.

It’s a little sad when the president of our beautiful nation has more time for me than Dispatch.
— (name withheld by me)
Now that's an awe-inspiring level of obtuseness.

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