March 02, 2015


Excerpt from F. Scott Fitzgerald short story:
“He was enjoying himself as much as he was able. It is youth’s felicity as well as its insufficiency that it can never live in the present, but must always be measuring up the day against its own radiantly imagined future—flowers and gold, girls and stars, they are only prefigurations and prophecies of that incomparable, unattainable young dream.” 


I dread a Hillary win in '16. I'd prefer anybody else, even godforsaken Biden or Elizabeth Nefertiti Warren.

Why? Because she combines two things few candidates combine: corruption and a lack of resume.

Say what you will about Barack Obama but there was no hint of corruption in his past when he was running in '08. Hillary's is checkered, from shady Arkansas land deals, to cattle futures, to money-grubbing from foreign sources. As one liberal pundit put it, she's obsessed with money and always has been, presumably as a conduit to power. This has led her down some dark places, ethically. Add to all this how she covered for Bill and helped smear his women, one who credibly was raped, and you have an extremely ethically-challenged person running for president.

But what makes her even more special is that unlike many shady politicians, she's never been effective. She has gotten to her current position on the back of Bill Clinton. She was mediocre at best as Secretary of State; she was an average senator, the latter a job that requires no heavy lifting. Unlike George W. Bush, who also had the advantage of running on the back of someone (his father) Hillary has never governed a state.

She'll likely win simply because we tend to buy politicians, like products, based on name brand.   Coke and Pepsi often win not on merits but familiarity.

But the combination of never being an executive while having a problem with corruption makes her a particularly unattractive candidate. God save us from more years under an arrogant, corrupt presidency.


I recently thought of Andrew Greeley, God rest his soul, and of the agonizing end of his life, and how an accident was the culprit. I thought about Thomas Merton, who died quickly, but also from an accident. What is it about my mind that dislikes accidents as a cause of death in the near-saintly?  Superstitious of me, surely, but I thought of how both Merton and Greeley flirted with heresy, and I want to try to recall if there were any orthodox near-saints who died from an accident. Fr. Groeschel, almost, but his pull-thru was so miraculous that it scents of a grace denied to Greeley and Merton.   I'm sure there is some famous, traditionalist Catholic who succumbed accidentally, but I can't recall.


Kevin Hammer said...

Some TV pundit was asking this weekend, why does Hillary keep asking for the exorbitant speaking fees -- doesn't she realize it makes her look bad. Apparently she cannot resist the dollars.

Off-topic: You used to write about the bingo hall. You will enjoy this segment of Impractical Jokers:

TS said...

And now we find out we trusted nat'l security to someone not smart enough to use a secure email address. Can't make it up.

Love that Bingo prank! High-laire.