March 03, 2015

Things I Don't Understand

I try not to follow the news, finding it causes dyspepsia, but two recent stories make me say "huh?".

One is the hullaboo over an ally, Israel's prime minister, speaking at Congress.  After being in the political wildnerness for a decade or so, deservedly so, Republicans finally took control and offered the most mild and milquetoast of rebukes to Obama: an invite to Netanyahu. And they had the temerity to fail to "clear it" with the White House. Because, you know, we don't have three branches of government, just one and a half, the Presidency and the Semi-Supreme Court.

So that whole non-story story was a head-scratcher extraordinaire.  "Protocol über alles!"

The other was learning that we had entrusted national security, or at least the State Dep't, to someone who decided to go rogue and set up a hackable email account.  I'm speaking of Hillary of course, whose spokesperson took the Orwell route and decided the best lie is the boldest, saying Hillary complied with the "letter and spirit of the rule".  Complied, without the "comp".

In the early 1600s Richard Burton wrote the following:
For as the Princes are, so are the people; Qualis Rex, talis grex. Their examples are soonest followed, vices entertained, if they be profane, irreligious, lascivious, riotous, epicures, factious, covetous, ambitious, illiterate, so will the commons most part be, idle, unthrifts, prone to lust, drunkards, and therefore poor and needy for poverty begets sedition.... It was an old politician's aphorism, "They that are poor and bad envy rich, hate good men..." 
Where they be generally riotous and contentious, where there be many discords, many laws, many lawsuits, many lawyers and many physicians, it is a manifest sign of a distempered, melancholy state, as Plato long since maintained: for where such kind of men swarm, they will make more work for themselves, and that body politic diseased. A general mischief in these our times, an insensible plague, and never so many lawyers: which are now multiplied (saith Mat. Geraldus, a lawyer himself,) as so many locusts, not the parents, but the plagues of the country, and for the most part a supercilious, bad, covetous, litigious generation of men. A purse-milking nation, a clamorous company, gowned vultures, thieves and seminaries of discord.  
No surprise Hillcat is a purse-milking lawyer...  Okay, set rant off.  At ease men! No more buzz-kills for at least a couple days.

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