April 07, 2015

Past, Present, Future

On Holy Thursday a strong streak of laziness struck. I didn't want to go. It's not a day of obligation, of course, which is always cause for perplexity. It's something that makes no sense except to maybe see it in light of the Church's opportunity to reserve one of its holiest days to the volunteers. Love can't be forced.

I'm so glad I went. My own helplessness was made manifest and yet I felt the kiss of God that assured he would love through me via the infusion of Communion. Capax Dei as Tom of Disputations greatness says.

I thought about how God offers us not just our bodies, our existence, but his Body. And not just his Body, but his soul and divinity. He wants to share his divinity with us! How incredible is that?

I thought of how I have to get over focussing on the morbidity of tragedies, of taking them under my wing, so to speak. How forceful the jetliner crashed by that Germanwings pilot struck me! If I don't look to God I will fail, looking at the figurative crashing sea. Same with that poor young kid who tried to save his dog in our local lake and perished. Or did he? What is faith but that bodily perishing is temporary? How beautiful and commanding the words, “I Am the Resurrection / I Am the Life”.

I thought of how death has been marginalized, has been made less by Christ. I thought of how at Communion Christ dies a kind of death on my tongue, dissolved but alive in Spirit. I thought of how when we say, “I am not worthy that you should come under my roof” we mean not just the roof of our mouths.  How different our situation is than the Roman centurion who originally said that: He was saying he was unworthy of Christ's presence in his house. How much more unworthy we are that Christ died for us! How much more intense is someone dying for you compared to someone coming to your house, even if to cure.  The Psalm today goes, “How can I repay the Lord / for his goodness to me? The cup of salvation I will raise.”

What goodness? The goodness of existing. The goodness of His dying for us. The goodness of His being present to us in the sacraments.  There's a tendency sometimes to think his goodness to us as mostly a past event, that of the Crucifixion. But the present event is His gift to us in the Sacraments, particularly the Eucharist! Our answer is to embrace his love.

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