April 07, 2015

That Amazing Political Recoil

The whip-quick retreat of Indiana and other states on the religious freedom bills is interesting to me not so much because I'm heavily invested in the outcome but just to see what really moves leaders. What power can move these paragons of political non-pulchritude?  What makes them dance like marionettes in this case but not others?

I admit to feeling enormous envy on how gays have achieved a seeming redefinition of marriage in the space of a dozen years while the march of unborn infants to the grave continues apace.

You might say politicians have folded due to popular opinion and perhaps that's true in this case, but it could also be the business community. Follow the money.  Follow the contributors to campaigns. And business has shockingly left on the issue. Why? Maybe because they fear a boycott. Companies have shown a devout deference to social media and the whole "Boycott Indiana" was surely an attention-getter for the chamber of commerce crowd.  Maybe because "cause marketing" has become so popular and LBGT issues are an easy one since it doesn't take a rocket scientist to get in front of an already enormous shift in attitudes especially among the young (ever a key demographic).  Maybe simply because all things gay have become cool, the "new black", and businesses want to be perceived as Apple-cool just as politicians want to nowadays. And maybe because businesses feel the have to attract and keep talented gay employees.

Maybe it's a perfect storm of all of the above. Which suggests the way forward for the pro-life issue is for a similar combine of interests - a shift among the young (already having taken place to some extent), a boycott of pro-abortion companies, a sense that life and not death is cool.

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