June 03, 2015

Found Comedy

A recent guest blogger on Catholic Bibles blog made the argument that the New American Bible Revised Edition is on the cusp of greatness. What struck me most was the end which was a humorously self-inflated self-blurb in which the author declared himself to be of high IQ and a precocious child fluent in multiple languages, apparently without irony!  So I appended to my comment this:
--- Commenter Tom is an award-winning blogger and slightly above average husband. Gifted with a high IQ, Tom began studying baseball statistics at a young age, successfully memorizing the complete roster of the '75 Cincinnati Reds.
I was pleased to see a couple commenters follow up on the meme, including this one:
Neil Short is no genious but he is the best husband he can be. He can read and write exactly one human language. In his youth he wasted a great deal of time memorizing PI to the 50th digit past the decimal point - when he could have been memorizing the Sermon on the Mount or the Book of Colossians.
and this one:
MAX was an award-winning pianist in a past life. Gifted with an IQ, he is fluent in one language, but can understand at least four more, because all Romance languages sound the same anyway. In his youth, he memorized many Beethoven sonatas, all sadly forgotten now.