June 15, 2015


Good thing for Hillary is that she can sound like Elizabeth Warren, and no Wall Street donor will take her words seriously so she can play to the base and still collect $2+ million dollars and pass go.

Good thing for Jeb Bush is his voice and speech doesn't remind one of his brother.


It seems like the letter of the law gets easily lost after the fact of its exercise -- sometimes almost immediately.

For example, I doubt even 2% of the electorate knows that the invasion of Iraq was the result of Saddam Hussein refusing weapon inspections, that being the condition/terms of the ceasefire at end of the first Iraq War in 1989.

And does anybody realize Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives not because of having sex with Monica Lewinsky but for perjury?

It's pretty impressive how quickly myth can override truth.


Thomas D said...

Yes on Clinton, but it was for perjury about the Lewinsky investigation. Or is my memory failing me?

TS said...

He lied to a grand jury and obstructed justice but wasn't impeached because of the stain on the dress or for having sex in the Oval Office, which is where many go wrong.