June 02, 2015

Rand No More

Remember the good ol' days when the air was clean and only Damnocrats were evil?  Looks like Rand Paul just doesn't have the temperament to be president. From NRO's Jim Geraghty:
"On paper, I should be relatively easy pickings for Rand Paul. I’ve been not just critical of the NSA domestic-surveillance programs, but I came pretty close to frothing at the mouth... And I either agree or begrudgingly nod at a lot of what Paul says . . . and then he goes and says something like, “People here in town think I’m making a huge mistake. Some of them, I think, secretly want there to be an attack on the United States so they can blame it on me.”

...Paul can’t lead the Republican party when he’s accusing some members of the Republican party’s coalition of wanting to see terrorist attacks in order to prove a point.

A.J. Delgado is convinced Paul only meant John McCain and Lindsey Graham in that statement of “some” “people in town.” I don’t know how she can draw that conclusion with certainty, but even if she’s interpreting Paul’s statement correctly, that’s still a rotten thing to say. Let’s assume John McCain and Lindsey Graham are every bit the fair-weather RINOs conservatives fear they are; do you really think that as the Patriot Act expired, either of them was saying, “Come on, al-Qaeda! Let’s get moving, ISIS! I want to see bodies in the streets so I can finally prove Rand Paul wrong once and for all!”

If you do think that, you’re wrong.

Even if you think of McCain and Graham as the worst options the Republican party could possibly offer, a lot of Republicans disagree with you. These guys are deeply unpopular with conservative activists, but they’re not that unpopular with Republicans as a whole. Lindsey Graham won 56 percent in a 7-way primary in 2014. John McCain won 56 percent in a three-way primary in 2010. For better or worse, there are a lot of Republicans in states like South Carolina and Arizona who are just fine with these guys. Those aren’t blue or purple states.

Politics -- particularly presidential politics -- requires building coalitions. If Rand Paul wants to be the Republican nominee, he has to bring together his base -- those non-traditionally-GOP libertarians, the Silicon Valley crowd, the minority audiences intrigued by his arguments on mandatory sentencing and the drug war -- as well as the parts of the GOP that aren’t his base. Right now, Rand Paul isn’t just failing to win them over; he’s antagonizing them by accusing them of having bad motives.


Thomas D said...

I'm sick of voting for people who have the temperament to be president. We do that all the time, and look where it's gotten us. My ideal candidate for '16 would be a cross between Patrick Buchanan, Robert Dornan, and the Tasmanian Devil. But younger, of course!

TS said...

Let the Tasmania begin!