July 01, 2015

Brief Thoughts on Gay Marriage Decision

What has the Supreme Court to do with Christianity? Nothing. It seems like for some of those without religion, the court system is their vindication, the instrument of absolving of sin. The nine “priests” on the Court have ruled that the homosexual lifestyle is a-ok, and that's what they wanted most. “We are not our desires,” is one of my favorite church catchphrases. To say “I am gay” is to reduce one's complexity and dignity to mere desire for same-gender sex.

Sadly the way these things happen is we swing widely from one extreme to the other - there's no middle ground.  Thus we enslaved blacks and now prefer them via affirmative action and college placement.  Similarly our society once bullied and demeaned gays, but now they will be looked upon as saints and anybody criticizing their lifestyle will be persecuted.  Alas.

But God (not some human form of what we might call "love") wins in the end.

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