July 28, 2015

What the Huck?

So I hear some outraged media types all atwitter and hot and bothered over something Mike Huckabee said, so I googled the comment and am underwhelmed and not feeling outraged. I feel shortchanged.

My take is that only the Israelis can say if Huckabee's oven comment was over the line, not Democrat operatives (aka the media).  Lord knows Iran getting a nuclear bomb and potentially using it on Israel is equivalent to the ovens.

What I'm not getting about the whole Iran deal is how it matters, ultimately.  Because won't Israel bomb Iraq with or without our permission should Iran be close to going nuclear?

I also see that the Administration's mantra: "Anytime, anywhere" with respect to inspections actually means "it depends on what you mean by 'anytime'.  Obama's chaneling Bill Clinton's "depends on what the meaning of "is" is.


Elsewhere spotted: Nice zinger-tweet from Alan Jacobs: "New book by Jen Gunter: 'What To Expect When You Have Products of Conception'"

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