November 05, 2015

Recent Gospel Readings at Mass

You could get whiplash reading Luke 14:25 through the early verses of Luke 15.

Jesus appears to go from the ultimate “Church conservative” to the ultimate “Church liberal” in a single breath (chapters being a later addition).

But the mark of a true Christian is surely one who is willing to take correction, not just inspiration: “We must allow the Word of God to correct us the same way we allow it to encourage us,” said A.W. Tozer.

One commentary comments accordingly:
In view of the stern teaching on renunciation just recorded it is a remarkable contrast to find the publicans and sinners drawing near to Jesus to hear him; a clear proof that he could speak with such apparent severity without ceasing to show himself the kind and loving person Luke has presented to us in his earlier chapters.
Now that's impressive and not easily done. Maybe we get an inkling in Pope Francis who is mostly beloved to the outside world despite a mix of very tough talk and very tender talk. Admittedly, the tough talk is mostly music to the current Zeitgeist (i.e. environment, poverty, etc..).

Another point made elsewhere:
The two parables that follow, 28–33, proper to Luke, are meant to illustrate this lesson: count the cost before undertaking the duties of discipleship. They also contain the following implied contrast: in worldly affairs, like building and going to war, money and goods are essential to success; the opposite is true in the great affair of the world to come. 

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