February 21, 2016


Went to Mass the other day, and whoa but did the good padre have a completely different take on the gospel account about the sign of Jonah. Crazy different perspective.  I've read it in the past as Jesus reading the riot act to this depraved generation and saying you've got someone greater than Solomon here so you'd best shape up like the Ninevites did. I saw the “sign of Jonah” being one of the need for this generation to repent and repent big time. 

But the homilist looked at it this way: the sign of Jonah was Divine Love! Jonah's mission was for the benefit of the enemy of Israel and thus of God: the Ninevites. “You shall have no other sign than the sign of Jonah” is a way of saying, “You shall have no other sign than that of God's love for everyone, including the Gentiles.” 

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Fred Kaffenberger said...

also, the sign of Jonah for the Jewish people was that Jonah went to the unbelieving nation of Ninevah and the Nivevites listened to him (whispering almost so they wouldn't repent).