February 23, 2016

Singapore By Morning...

Singapore. My wife has to travel their for work, for two weeks starting in two weeks. What an adventure!

I've been reading more about it and wondering if I should take the plunge too. The flight would cost a bit over $1,000, which isn't terrible for a 27-hour flight(s). That's the harsh part, and I don't know if I could want to handle it.

And there's jet lag, something I've never experienced but have heard it real. But you can't have the adventure without the pain. That “barrier to entry” is precisely what makes Singapore more attractive than, say, western Europe from an adventure and uniqueness point of view. It might be interesting to go if only to confirm that people are people everywhere, be it Ohio or Southeast Asia. If it proves to be underwhelming or banal, that might suggest that travel to distant climes is a waste for me which could be useful to know.

Although admittedly you can't judge Asia by Singapore, let alone the whole world. It's not somewhere I would ever have chosen to go which, paradoxically, makes it more enticing in a way. It seems a random place on the globe, far, far away, and of which I know nothing and it's always fun to learn. But Singapore culture was influenced by the British background and the business climate, so it might be too Westernized to be truly interesting.

I would also be jealous, truth be told, that Steph will be able to add southeast Asia to her travel list. We were tied, more or less, with travel: me going to Europe in the '90s, she for work to Europe in the early '00s. But now she would spring ahead of me in a huge way. Although she'll really only have the weekend there (and nights, I guess) to experience the place.

Singapore has a population of 5.5 million souls and sits at the southern tip of Malasia. It's mostly English-speaking due to the business culture and British colonial experience. Over 2/3rds of residents are of Chinese lineage. Religion wise, a third are Buddhist, 15% Muslim and 7% Catholic, 11% other Christian, so 18% Christian overall.

It's wealthy, and safe. They have a “little India”, (Mumbai-ish), some beautiful gardens. Tropical, monsoon season presently active there. Hot weather in the high 80s, low 90s. Thirteen hours ahead of us, time-wise.  I. just. can't. make. up. my. mind.

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