February 04, 2016

The Cruz Arranged Marriage with Conservatives

So I try to like Ted Cruz, seeing him as an alternative to The Donald.

But it feels like an arranged marriage, a marriage of convenience to get a green card.

Every time I try to like him more he does something that suggests he's as ambitious as Satan, to quote the late great Shelby Foote on Jefferson Davis.

I get whiplash following him.  First I think, "gosh, he's taking a brave, principled stand against ethanol in Iowa! Bully for him."

Then I hear he's changed positions on various issues near and dear to the base.

Then I read an article by a National Review writer I respect who counts Cruz as a close friend and sees him as trustworthy.

Then I read Cruz gives less than 1% to charity (no crime,but goes to the phoniness issue.)

And then in Iowa we learn his campaign staff said Carson bowed out of the race, and learn of the "Voter Violation" scare-the-seniors tactics.  Plays into the ambition narrative.

But then I have misgivings about lots of candidates.  Rubio seems way too hawkish for my taste. Chris Christie seems a tad desperate, calling Rubio a “bubble boy”. Combined with Christie's latest debate in which he said he'd shoot down Russian jets, I'm thinking he's too belligerent to be potus. Jeb seems running now just to try to pique Rubio.

I could lodge a primary protest vote with Randian Paul, no relation to Ayn Rand. (Later: oh, no, he dropped out!)

Looks like Kasich for me, if he's still in.  Bottom line, I'm glad I don't have to vote for awhile. Leave the tough decisions to Iowa, NH, SC voters.

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